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Board Minutes - September 2017

Mountain Community Co-Op Board of Directors Meeting September 11th, 2017 Note: Items in bold are approved motions. Items underlined require action. Call of Order: 6:30 Roll Call: Clare Duncan McCahill, Linda Cox, Kay Kadoun, Laura Morehouse, Elizabeth Neuhalfen, Lori Markeson, Dianna Hendricks Absent: Margaret Franich, Claudia Frey, Approval of August Agenda: KC motioned to approve agenda. Lori seconds. All in favor. Approval of July Minutes: Laura motioned to approve minutes. Linda seconds. All in favor. Financial Report: (Beth)  As of 9/5/17, Savings Balance - $17,377.50. Checking Balance – ($336.02). Unpaid Bills - $1,018.53 Payroll Liabilities - $1,584.99 (payroll tax set aside appro

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